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Become a Trustee or Local Advisory Committee Member

From time to time we have vacancies for Trustees to join the Trust Board and for Local Advisory Committee Members to join the Local Advisory Committees of our individual academies.  Both roles are voluntary, although individuals are entitled to claim expenses in line with the trust’s Expenses Policy.

The roles of Trustee at trust level and of a Local Advisory Committee Member at school level have a different emphasis but both work collectively to enable our children and young people to thrive in our settings and be well prepared for the next stage in their lives.

Within Prosper Learning Trust there are three layers of governance.


  • Have an overarching responsibility for the viability and performance of the Trust through the appointment of Trustees and approval of the annual report
  • Have the power to amend the Articles of Association that govern the way the Trust is constituted and managed, including the contraction or expansion of the portfolio
  • Enter into the funding agreement with the Secretary of State
  • Are legally responsible both to the Secretary of State and to parents and pupils for the running of the Academy Trust and the academies within it
  • Meet together once a year, but could be asked to meet more on occasion


  • Establish the overall strategic direction of the Trust and determine the values by which it will work
  • Hold the CEO to account for the overall performance of the Trust and each academy within it
  • Ensure financial probity and value for money across the Trust
  • Have a much more hands on role than members. There is a minimum of 5 board meetings annually and Trustees can be expected to sit on at least one committee which meet prior to most board meetings

Local Advisory Committee Members

  • Support the Trust in pursuit of its vision and overall aims
  • Promote high standards ensuring that pupils attend a successful Academy
  • Hold the Academy Lead to account for academic performance, quality of care and provision
  • Have strategic oversight of the day to day running of the academy including safety and well-being
  • Meet as a Local Advisory Committee (LAC)  4 to 6 times a year

Our current Governance Structure demonstrates how this works.

We offer an induction and training programme for all new Trustees and Local Advisory Committee Members.  The Trust and its academies are also members of the National Governance Association and benefit from its specialist resources, advice and e-learning modules.

#JoinThe250k is a national campaign from Inspiring Governance aiming to attract people to volunteer as school governors or trustees. You can watch their film below, it features young people explaining the benefits of being a Trustee or Local Advisory Committee Member, challenging myths about who can govern and sharing how to get involved.

To register your interest in becoming either a Trustee or a Local Advisory Committee Member please complete the form below:

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