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Mary Astell Academy


Mary Astell Academy is an Alternative Provision Academy established in September 2018.  Based in the West End of Newcastle. We work with young people aged 11 to 16 who have been permanently excluded from mainstream education.  We provide access to a full-time, broad and balanced education appropriate to their potential and their educational needs and encourage their reintegration back into a mainstream school setting wherever possible.

Additionally young people are also able to access a wide range of therapeutic interventions to support them in recognising and understanding what triggers their behaviours and explore strategies that support them in dealing with these.  We recognise that ACE’s and traumatic experiences have often impacted upon the lives of our young people and that for many of them not only have they survived but have shown great strength in doing so. At Mary Astell we seek to restore them and to put them back on the path to happy and fulfilling adult lives

Currently we are in the process of expanding our ‘offer’ to include early intervention work with schools to support young people who may be at risk of permanent exclusion or are displaying behaviours which are impacting upon their academic and personal growth.  This is still very much a work in progress with pilot projects being undertaken in the summer term working with groups of young people on our site and supporting directly into schools to add additional capacity.

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Mary Astell Academy