Within Prosper Learning Trust there are three layers of governance:

  • Members
    • Have an overarching responsibility for the viability and performance of the Trust through the appointment of Trustees and approval of the annual report
    • Have the power to amend the Articles of Association that govern the way the Trust is constituted and managed, including the contraction or expansion of the portfolio
    • Enter into the funding agreement with the Secretary of State
    • Are legally responsible both to the Secretary of State and to parents and pupils for the running of the Academy Trust and the academies within it
    • We currently ask that members meet once a year, but could be asked to meet more on occasions.
  • Trustees
    • Establish the overall strategic direction of the Trust and setting the values by which it will work
    • Hold the CEO to account for the overall performance of the Trust and each academy within it
    • Ensuring financial probity and value for money across the Trust
    • A much more hands on role than members. There is a minimum of 5 board meetings annually and Trustees can be expected to sit on at least one committee which meets prior to most board meetings
  • Local Advisory Committee
    • To support the Trust in pursuit of its vision and overall aims
    • To promote high standards ensuring that pupils attend a successful Academy
    • To hold the Academy Lead to account for academic performance, quality of care and provision
    • To have strategic oversight of the day to day running of the academy including safety and well-being
    • A Local Advisory Committee will meet 4-6 times a year.

To contact the Members or Trustees please email:

Below are all the key documents for the Trust:


Board of Trustees

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

Standards Committee

Pay and Appraisal Committee

Harry Watts Academy
Thomas Bewick School
Newcastle Bridges School
Mary Astell Academy