Katherine Robson

Katherine Robson, Trustee, has 10 years’ experience working for Newcastle College in various roles, she is currently Education Partnerships Manager but she has worked in previous roles such as Admissions Coordinator, Student Advisor and Schools Liaison Coordinator. These roles have all been focused around working in collaboration with young people, Primary and High Schools, partners and community groups in the region.  Katherine meets regularly with a range of key staff throughout the year to form and maintain strong working relationships that will support their pupil’s transition from school, to help them progress them into further education or employment.

Katherine prides herself on supporting young people through their education journey and hopes her input will inspire them to be the best they can be throughout their education and into the world of work.  She is used to working in an ever increasing and changing role and recognises the importance of good leadership, Katherine always supports her team and colleagues in any way that she can, and she is often the go to person because of my experience and knowledge.  Katherine appreciates the importance of having a strong team and the need for excellent communication and always strive to maintain this.

Harry Watts Academy
Thomas Bewick School
Newcastle Bridges School
Mary Astell Academy