Harry Watts Academy Expansion Update

Harry Watts Academy is considering submitting a proposal to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for expansion of the school and public consultation is now open from 9th September – 22nd  October inclusive. Currently the pupil admission number is 96.  Prosper Learning Trust propose to increase the pupil admission number at Harry Watts Academy by a further 64 pupils to 160 in coming years, to meet the growing need for ASD places in Sunderland and neighbouring areas. Further details on our proposal are set out in this letter.

We would welcome your views on this proposal with the consultation window open until the 22nd October 2020 you can ask any questions or share your thoughts via a number of different routes, this includes; via our survey or to us via email admin@prosperlearningtrust.co.uk or by post to Harry Watts Academy, Firtree Avenue, Washington, NE38 9BA. Appointments are also available to meet with members of the team with details included in the letter on how to book.

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